As winter settles into Fort, rumors are starting to trickle down from the higher ups about food shortages. It seems that what began as a simple (but serious) mistake with a few riders in Roc Wing has now spread discontent through many of Fort's major holds. While Fort Hold itself and many of the cotholds are still loyal and still sent their tithes, the loss of goods from many major holds has nearly emptied the weyr's store caverns. And with winter settling her cold, icy grip on the region, this is a serious problem.

The leadership has been sending out teams of riders to the southern continent on hunting and gathering missions, and the meals have been adjusted accordingly. No one is going hungry (yet), but there are shortages of many main staples like bread and klah. Meals consist mainly of thick stews with wild wherry meat and root vegetables, and the occasional bit of fresh fruit. Many of the aunties have been working hard on creating fruit preserves with the weyr's reserves of sugar, to make the fruit last, so desserts are also in short supply.

Time will tell how the weyr weathers this winter and these shortages, but so far no one is going hungry - the menu is just much more sparse than it usually is, and there is a blanket of worry over the weyr to match the snows.