It's Fort, and so some snow is to be expected — if you didn't want chilly weather, you probably should have moved somewhere else. The Southern Continent is nice this time of year. But if you're living in Fort, at least some degree of winter weather is acceptable to you, if not actually nice. Over the past two days, snow has been falling to Starcrafters' predictions: nonstop, without the temperature either getting warm enough to begin melting or cold enough to start a freeze that then stops the progressive snowfall.

Two days into the steady, heavy snowfalls, some wind has gotten involved, and the weather advisory is now pretty simple: stay inside. There's enough snow on structures that if it doesn't start melting soon they could start bending from pressure. The wind is causing low visibility, so walking outdoors could be hazardous to your health.

Some of the pipelines in outlying areas of the Weyr have also frozen, but that's par for the course; it's only if it gets much colder and the heavy snow begins to ice over that there's much in the way of infrastructure to really worry about. In the meantime, have fun being trapped indoors for the next few days! Dragon trips in and out are being blocked by the queens unless absolutely necessary to cut down on dangerous landings, hide damage or other mishaps. However, those with duties that still take them outside, there are some breaks in the downfall so you can get in and out to do your work quickly — you'd just better be quick about it.