The impromptu meeting called by the Weyrleader to the tavern appeared to start off well enough, until tempers were riled and pride was insulted, and it ended in a flurry of hurt feelings. But out of all of that discussion and argument did come some good ideas. The first was to scout out the island on Drake's Lake and see if it was still fit for habitation, especially for beast herds that could be a long time solution to Fort's supply shortage. Short term however, groups of dragonriders are being sent to the southern continent to scout for hunting and gathering sites.

Also, there was discussion about possible trading with other Weyrs, but the Weyrleadership hasn't made any of those plans public. It is also said that the way the Wings were currently organized was also brought up but no word on what came of that discussion is known. What is known for certain is that all dragon riders and weyrfolk are to tread lightly when dealing with any Fortian Holders, in hopes that relations will improve despite the steady decline over the last few months.