New Arrivals, Temporary Departures

Mid-day on an unpleasantly icy-rainy afternoon, Kouzevelth and Rinxyth's unimpressively sized four-egg clutch hatched to reveal a true surprise and what could be considered a good omen for once for Fort Weyr: all four hatchlings were healthy and normal-sized bronze dragons, Impressed quickly and efficiently to no one with salacious gossip revolving around them. A miraculous and very possibly one-time event …

… that was sorely needed considering other goings-on in the Weyr. The Minecrafters working on the caves have declared the inner caverns safe for operations again (to the relief of anyone who had been spending late spring and early winter in alternate accommodations) but with caveats and a whole lot of interesting decor. There are additional temporary supports in a lot of places that make them somewhat unsettling: the living caverns, the kitchens, a number of the dormitories and all of the administrative and wing offices.

Representatives from the Craft intend to return periodically for inspections and then with larger crews for extended repairs, but there's no word yet on how extended these repairs are going to be. Months? Turns? Some scuttlebutt says it could even take decades.

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