It was at something like three in the morning Fort-time when gold Kouzevelth decided it was high time she lay her eggs. In fact, it was right on time, not late and not really early — right around when the dragonhealers calculated she should be clutching. Except not the three in the morning part. Whatever time it was over in Half Moon Bay, Kouzevelth was "polite" enough to brain-zap Teimyrth and inform him that his latest clutch was slowly settling into the sands should he want to come by and check on them, maybe bring her a snack. (Sorry.)

Due to the hour or just due to being recalcitrant, it took Kouzevelth a few hours to produce the full clutch, but by a little after sunrise a set of nine very distinct eggs were out on the sands … and only two or three are viewable at a time, due to Kouzevelth's obsessive burying tendencies.