The time draws ever closer and this time the excursions are coming to a slow stop not because of paranoia or some foolish Candidate's dare, but plain old common sense. A few lectures and demonstrations are still slated within the Weyr, but beyond that the Candidates have been given new orders stating that they are not to stray past the entrance square. Tension still runs high, namely with the Weyrwoman but the Weyrleader's mood seems to have improved … if it can be called that. But the Weyr has begun to pick up on the anticipation, a quiet preparation underway already for the inevitable Hatching.

But this is Fort and quiet never lasts for longs. Just as night began to fall, some noticed a small group of Candidates climbing the stairs to the Weyrleader's office, all bound and determined. In between them was the timid and meek looking Jamen, the only one of the bunch looking ready to bolt at any second before he and the rest all disappear within. Moments pass and no one is ejected from said office, no hint of arguing or any fleeing Candidates. What folk /do/ notice is Queska sweeping out across the bowls, alone for once and ever the haughty, vain young woman. Up she goes as well and it's back to silence… until the wailing begins. Blasted stone walls, muffling everything! Nothing is overheard, but the Candidates emerge, looking victorious with Jamen crammed between their happy jostlings and murmured congratulations, none of which the stunned boy notices, still fixated on the white knot clutched tightly in his hand. It's not until much later that Queska emerges, hurriedly and doing her best to cover her face. She, it's whispered about the next morning, did NOT have her knot and neither was she among the Candidates that night or the next day. All her stuff has been removed and her little entourage now without a leader find themselves in a rather awkward position among the group.

The Traders are still within the Weyr's perimetres though, it's determined later that day and while there is no visible sight of her, most figure Queska is back with them. Before the rumors can grow, the truth is given by the Weyrleaders: After substantial proof was found, some of the Candidates approached Th'ero, with Jamen in tow, to prove his innocence and that it had been Queska all along as the mastermind behind the "prank". Finally tired of her behavior, it was decided that Jamen would be allowed back into the ranks of Candidacy, while Queska was made to hand over her knot and return to her family.