In light of all the tensions, there is something else brewing and afoot within Fort Weyr. Only this time, it's something of a far more celebratory nature. With the autumn harvests coming in and the Weyr preparing for the winter months, the Weyrleaders and staff have prepared a festival of sorts… which is being gossiped about as the 'Weyrling Games' by many.

For Games they are, though most of the competitions had started pitting the eight Weyrlings from Kouzevelth and Dremkoth's clutch against each other in friendly challenges, the games are now being thrown open for ALL Wingriders to sign up for and attend. Weyrfolk are welcomed to observe and even cheer on their favourites and between the games there is, of course, the feasts and dancing, held during the day at the lake and out at the Trader's Square if the weather holds and at night within the living cavern and taverns. Rumor has it too that as they days (yes, DAYS) progress, the Weyrlings will be tapped into their Wings and officially made full Wingriders.

While this is met by many with eagerness, others are muttering that the timing couldn't be worse. Wind of this reaching the Holders may only throw salt into the wounds. Others may counter though that why shouldn't they celebrate?