Autumn has it's grip on the surrounding region and the atmosphere within the Weyr has been just as tumultuous and unpredictable as the weather. The public stripping of N'hon's rank as Wingleader by Weyrleader Th'ero in the caverns nearly led to a rebellion between Wingriders when Th'ero demoted N'hon to Weyrling. Instantly the caverns exploded in conflicting opinions, with two distinct sides rapidly forming - a side that agreed with Th'ero's harsh demotion and a side that disagreed. Rebellion, however, was narrowly avoided when Roc Wingrider Yhri stepped up with the offer to take the Wingleader knot, supported by Thunderbird Wingsecond Abigail. The Weyrleader amended his punishment to N'hon by stripping him down to only Wingrider and gave Yhri position as interim Wingleader of Roc. Tensions seemed to ease then and the Weyrleader stalked out shortly afterwards with Wingrider Kimmila in tow.

Who's to say what this will bring in the coming sevendays or months! With Breakwater Hold's relations still estranged and more of the Holds beginning to sway towards Lord Tellan's disaffected view of Fort Weyr, things are certainly on edge. Especially if more Holds withdraw their trade agreements, the Weyr will be forced to look elsewhere for it's goods… and just before the Winter season starts.