Some time has passed since Jamen was caught sneaking onto the Sands, and was ejected from Candidacy. Excursions had been cancelled and the Candidates have been doing more regular (boring) chores. More guards were seen posted around the Sands, and while some might mutter that it's overkill and an overreaction on the Weyrleaders' parts, others say that as long as Dtirae is kept happy, the weyr will be spared her temper. Queska has been insufferable, her attitude and haughty manner driving many Candidates to simply avoid her, while her gaggle of girlfriends only cling all the more to the trader girl's words and deeds.
Despite all this, Th'ero has agreed that the excursions can resume, but he seemed somewhat reluctant to it. Perhaps someone pushed him into it, or maybe he just grew wary of all the Candidates milling around the weyr and asking him what he needed them to do.
And through all of this, Jamen has been seen slinking around the weyr, looking dejected and conflicted, but whenever he's approached the poor boy bolts for the deeper tunnels.