Chyhi is well known for her desire to hunt as well as her gullibility towards doing whatever her sister, Dtirae, suggests. So when Chyhi was told that it was possible to put a tunnelsnake to sleep by dragging it around by the tail… well. It didn't go well for the hunter-candidate. There was a mighty skirmish with the adult tunnelsnake that ended in a very deep wound caused by claws in the woman's leg. Of course, when it rains it pours, as Chyhi did not immediately go to the healers and instead attempted to self-heal leaving her with a big ole infection and a raging fever.

Needless to say, Chyhi's prospects on the sands are over as Healers do not expect the woman to be able to Stand, let alone even move from the infirmary for the next few sevendays.