It was a muddy evening when four riders came into the weyr, pushing their mounts hard. Telyss and Telyar of Breakwater Hold, along with two guards, arrived with a grievance against Roc Wing. Apparently (and the long meetings afterwards confirm this horrific fact), Roc left four runners alone in a clearing, abandoning them in their shipping crates to starve to death.

Much questioning followed, (some would call it interrogation) to try and figure out exactly what happened. Why didn't Breakwater report the late shipment? Why were the runners left in the clearing to begin with? Who left them and who was supposed to take them the rest of the way? How did Roc's new wingleader, N'hon, let this happen? While it's still unclear who exactly is responsible, there is no doubt that heads will roll for this. And time will tell how the holds react to this, and if requests for Roc transports will decline.