It's no small secret that Fort is Pern's least technologically-inclined weyr; some call it hidebound, some call it traditional, but regardless, it holds true that it by and large forgoes many of the luxuries found in Ierne and Xanadu.

But alas, there are times when even in Fort Weyr, technology changes you. A grid-wide power outage a little over four turns ago has led to an influx of techcrafters looking to nullify the problem (no more Big Red Button that shuts down the whole weyr, SORRY FUTURE MISCHIEF MAKERS), and they have slowly started to chip away at the weyr's resolve not to expand its capabilities in the form of dreaded upgrades.

Other crafts have likewise taken up the charge, seeking to at least partake in this small bit of revolution with sheer presence alone, even if they don't seek to be agents of change themselves.