Fort Weyr's summer this turn has been two somewhat predictable things: hot, and dry. Where the spring brought considerable rain, the summer storms have provided very little in the way of water. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that a season of very little water and considerable lightning may result in outdoor fires — and a fire in Fort's forests there was, met by members of Thunderbird and Phoenix wing as well as the Weyrhealer providing ground duty. There were no major injuries, though a few dragons were singed, members of Thunderbird were told off by Abigail and Niumdreoth for bravado, Mirinda scolded a couple of riders, and managed to get a couple of embers to the face herself.

What also may be unsurprising: that in the midst of crisis brought on by the fire, the storm-summer queen chose just then to take to the sands. With much of the rest of the Weyr distracted, Tovihasuth and Kouzevelth welcomed a healthy clutch of fourteen to the sands, a record number for the previously single-digit producing queen.