When there isn't much to do but sit around the fire that fends off the artic temps of Fort Weyr, the gossip starts flyin. It was no exception when tongues start wagging over two Journeymen arriving by dragon from Harper Hall. Word is that there was even another fully loaded bronze dragon just to transport their instruments of mass destruction that didn't fit on the first transport. From what was overheard their names are Thautseruck and Leuka and most all of the apprentice Harpers in the Weyr are foaming at the mouth to bask in the duo's totally awesome mad skilz. Older Journey Harpers share mixed views about their newly arrived fellows. Some approving of the unique vision the duo have, while others insist they are perverting, twisting and corrupting the classic teaching ballads. The pair met briefly with Fort's PTB's then made their way to the crafter caverns.

Rarely is an OOC note added to IC news, but this one seemed like it was important …

OOC We're very excited and looking forward to mingling with our soon to be fans. Here's a tiny taste of what is to come!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk

We're Loud!
We're Obnoxious!
We're Here!
So Live in Fear!

Thautseruck and Leuka