Breaking away from tradition a little, it seems the Weyrleaders have made it that the Candidate's chores are well… reduced. Not gone entirely, but the names are all gone from the rosters. It's not apparent why at first, leaving some confused over the change and with more time on their hands for at least a day or two. Only then does a notice arrive stating the reason behind the change: chores are being replaced by… excursions? A timetable of sorts has been posted in the barracks, names constantly rotated and added under a specific Craft Hall. Weaver, Healer and Harper are the only listed names to start, but soon Beastcraft is added, followed by Smithcraft and gradually down the list of all the available ones to learn from and all across Pern. Strangest perhaps of all is the addition of Landing, some murmuring over the purpose of an excursion there but few complaining. It's a historical site, after all!

Each excursion is chaperoned by no fewer than two riders, one to transport the candidate group itself, the others to transport the guards. The goal seems simple enough: education, a brief insight to each Craft and how they work, with tours of the Halls (if permitted), many lectures and perhaps with the more generous of Craftmasters and Journeymen, some hands on experiences. It's an opportunity to see what options lie beyond being a rider or what a rider can pursue after Weyrlinghood. The lessons need not be taken to heart, some likely welcoming it just for the pure sake of being out of Fort and, truth be told, taken on free trips across Pern!

And for those not slated for the excursions will find their days busy yet! Besides the Crafthalls and Landing, within Fort there are lectures and demonstrations to be had among the Guards, the hunters, even the Headwoman and her assistants, as well as any Craft that does not have a Hall. It seems any skilled position falls under this change and the Candidates left behind in the Weyr aren't left entirely out of the loop. Chores are of course still there and those returning from their trips are expected to resume them, if time permits. So Fort won't be entirely without it's Candidates, just a few less during the days and those remaining kept busy yet. By nightfall, they all return and the barracks remain crowded until the next day's rotation.

Once the rest of the weyrfolk catch on and word spreads, many seem surprised by the change but welcome it (especially among the posted craftsmen!). Others not so much and are leery of the change, muttering over the foolishness of such excursions and how it only bodes for more trouble. Candidates should stay /in/ the Weyr, right?