If there's anything that Akyla dislikes more, it's venturing out of her warm and cozy weyr into the wet rainy world when she'd be better off snug and toasty inside her home. But when one's Wingsecond says 'Jump', it's better not to ask how high. On L'da's orders, Akyla went to the guard area to have one of the guard look over her knife which didn't feel right. As it turned out, while Ystwyth tried to catch raindrops on her tongue, the greenrider made the acquaintance of Kazulen who offered to look the knife over and find out what was wrong.

Something about the way the guard handled the situation must have impressed Ystwyth because the green left off her attempts to drink rainwater right from the sky, and made her way over to where the guard and her rider were. The knife was fixed, and Akyla offered an exchange at Ystwyth's suggestion.

So a knife for a knot, and Ystwyth and Akyla have a stake in this candidate class when they offered Kazulen a white cord and a chance to once again stand on the sands and hope for a dragon.