With only a week until his daughters turn 10, M'lo has been keeping an eye out for gifts for them… besides the long-anticipated puppy, that is. So while he was at Xanadu Weyr on business he ducked into a flower shop to purchase some potted pretties for his progeny.

Though not her usual employment, Zaala was doing a fine job keeping an eye on the shop, and helped him pick out flowers that his daughters might like. Soon a smitten Wood Crafter was there, but despite catching the calf-eyed looks, the blushes, and the secret smiles, M'lo was forced by his dragon to lure them outside. Irelanth took one look at the girl and knew she had the right stuff, whatever that stuff is, and M'lo didn't waste much time before offering her the knot.

Poor Zaala was a bit torn - leave behind her young love for the chance of a dragon, or stay and nurture the relationship at the possible expense of ever becoming a rider? After a moment of agony, she chose to Stand, and there was a tearful, touching goodbye between the new Candidate and her earnest Journeyman. And he promised to visit, which made the parting less bitter.