As the Candidate ranks swell, the Weyrleader seems to be busier than naught lately, locked away in his office with the Headwoman, her assistants, the guard Captain, the Wingleaders and various Wingriders all taking their turn in visiting him for brief or lengthy meetings. Even the Weyrsecond and weyrwomen don't escape his summons. To spark further interest, there have been visits from Craftmasters as well, some of the posted Journeymen to the Weyr even called up for meetings they'll later shrug off and say nothing on the matter. Little is said as to what is causing the stir, but some begin to grow anxious with worry that the news is bad… though no news is good news, right? But what could possibly bring so many different ranks together, even if for such short meetings?

If any try and ask the Weyrleaders or any of the administration staff, they are met only with curt replies and otherwise remain tight lipped on any news. So gossip runs rampant of course, with no solid truths to waylay them. Does this have something to do with Laris? Or is it more of a local thing? What trouble is brewing or will it be nothing to be concerned about?