Another dinner rush done, the caverns were empty again as the evening wore on, leaving on a few to linger behind and those to clean up. Tucked away in his usual favored spot, the Weyrleader was nursing the last of his ale when Borodin began his duty of collecting and clearing the dishware left behind. Soon joined by Weyrsecond M'lo with a folio of paperwork and Etzlix, the Candidate went ahead to introduce the shy cook to Th'ero and thus began some light discussion between the four. After a few joking remarks left Borodin flushed and embarrassed shade of pink, once apologies were made from both Weyrleader and Weyrsecond, it was Th'ero who presented the cook with a white knot, just to make the awkward situation all the more interesting. Patiently while Borodin grappled with the decision, the Weyrleader seemed pleased enough when the young man finally accepted and with congratulations given and a few last orders, Th'ero took his leave, paperwork in hand and the Fort Hold cook to absorb all behind the offer he just accepted.