Anyone who was in the weyr saw it, or heard it. The sudden bristling of two queens - Nyalle's Kayeth and Jajen's Iaverulth. What set them off isn't quite clear, though people mutter that having five other golds in her weyr was making Kayeth on edge to start with, and that Iaverulth suddenly challenged and then defied the Senior queen.

Up into the air they flew, and many feared it would come to a fight, but in the end Kayeth rallied most of Fort behind her and with that strength she forced Iaverulth to the ground. Then, from rider and dragon alike, Nyalle and Kayeth banished Jajen and Iaverulth from the weyr, down to Fort's island property in Drake's Lake.

Official word from the leadership says that Jajen and Iaverulth have been sent to Drake's Lake, and that they are not fully banished from Fort. They are still Fortian, Jajen is still a Junior. However, others mutter that it's about time the incompetent and insolent goldrider was sent away where she (hopefully) can't do any more harm.