Well, it's official. Gr'ant, bronze Nagmiath's rider has stepped down from the Wingleader of Roc. And in a rather untraditional move (approved by the Weyrleaders it's rumoured), he asked his riders to vote on his replacement, and bronze Esmiath's rider, N'hon, was voted in by his peers. Time will tell if the admiration of his peers means he's a good leader, or if the unconventional 'vote for whoever you like' method will prove to be disastrous in the end.

It's also been rumored that M'icha and Kimmila have been spending a lot of time together. Even the Weyrwoman has been reported to be in M'icha's office more often than late! Behind closed doors, even! Either the Weyrleader has something to worry about, or the Weyrlings do.