On another visit to Xanadu Weyr, the Weyrleader had gone on another duty bound trip that was extended by a brief spell of sleet. Seeking shelter to wait it out, Th'ero found himself within a quiet tavern. Upon approach the bar and ordering an ale, what began as a simple greeting to a young man soon turned inquiring and lightly towards the mentions of Crafts and goals and the choice of relocation when it came to one's work. It would seem though that Mikal was about to be offered a chance at relocating in a difference sense: a white knot was placed on the bartop between them and after a moments pause, eagerly accepted by the youth. Once the weather cleared and affairs set into order, Velokraeth was seen taking wing from the clearing with his rider, plus one passenger, bound once again for Fort Weyr and yet another for the barracks.