What started as a simple task turned life altering when the Weyrleader ventured again to the forges just outside the Weyr's entrance square. Finding an idling Fellan at the desk, Th'ero spoke with him briefly to inquire on the status of his orders. After inspecting the craftsmanship on the short sword and hunting knives and discovering the work to be by Fellan's own hand, conversation soon continued onwards from compliments to questions. When the Journeyman brought up a past incident within Fort's own walls, the Weyrleader asked him to join him outside. With their discussion continuing on as they walked, it was obvious that their path was not to turn towards the Weyr but the rocky foothills instead where Velokraeth lurked in one of the larger clearings. It all came together then, with Th'ero receiving the information he needed and the pale bronze approving of Fellan's honorable and respectful nature, and of course, his skills as a smith. A knot was then given, along with the formal offer to stand which was accepted without much hesitation on the Journeyman's part. Soon the rapidly filling barracks would be welcoming one more among the ranks and likely more to follow as time progresses!