It was a cold and rainy afternoon that had sent many fleeing into the dry and warmth inner sanctuaries the Weyr has to offer. Of course this led to the living caverns being quite the popular choice and it wasn't long before small groups assembled to idly chat away while there was time to hope that the weather would clear. Among them was the Weyrleader himself, having been thoroughly drenched on his patrols, he joined candidate Abigail and a frequent visitor by the name of Etzlix and in a rare display of mood, actually struck up idle conversation that seemed to drift from interest in Abigail's past position as a Guard to Etzlix's ventures in Eastern. Soon they were joined by more, Cesran and Eirwyn noted among those to approach the trio. But the conversation was about to take a serious turn as Th'ero stood to leave, but not without offering Etzlix the chance to stand after her mention of wishing to sketch the eggs. Now she'll have more than enough reference, up close and personal!