It started with a slight miscalculation, and restulted in Miki and Sohnyuoth finding themselves on a random beach near Western instead of at the lagoon. Lucky for them there was a Mister Sketcher Man to set them straight! But something kept them there even after the pair got directions from the red-cheeked, stammering, and oh so very adorable Fynnigan!

Apparently unpleased with her rider, Sohnyuoth gave Miki a nudge that nearly sent her tumbling. But luckily Fynnigan was there to keep her from falling over. The next nudge didn't end so fortunately for either of them. They both found themselves sprawled across the sands. But despite it all, Fynnigan remained his sweet self and made sure everything was alright. And well, he was so cute that Sohnyuoth insisted that they take him home! A white knot was offered and after a round of disbelief and a bit of unsurity, Fynnigan accepted, adding one more to the candidates!