With it not being so unusual for Th'ero to be visiting Xanadu Weyr, given all the past and ongoing events, on this particular day it was quite early in the morning when the Weyrleader chose to visit. The reason why was never made clear, though he was spotted having a low spoken conversation with a Smithcrafter just on the fringes of the clearing. What happened then when they parted ways was almost pure luck. Crossing paths with a young assistant, Eirwyn caught Th'ero's attention first solely for polite conversation that led into an offer of fresh brewed klah and talk of cold, snow and hospitality. It wasn't only the Weyrleader's curiosity that was piqued though and Velokraeth chimed in in his usual way with his opinions. Which then led to Th'ero declining the offer for the drink as his duties had him recalled back abruptly to Fort, but giving a knot to the surprised Eirwyn in return for his hasty retreat. Later, it was noted she was brought to the Weyr and settled to the barracks, yet another for the steadily growing numbers!