It was a rainy summer day at Fort, the kind that few tend to wander out in. Even fewer tend to brave /both/ the rain and the stairs of the perilous spire. But that is where Abigail found Miki one afternoon: high up on the sheltered ledge of the scenic overlook. Soon after they'd exchanged introductions, the AWLM insisted on being taught the new moves Abigail was learning in guard training! Warning bells aplenty went off in the younger girl's head, but in the end she obliged. The moves were well played, well played indeed! The first round found Abigail standing tall and Miki on the floor. But it wouldn't end there. No, the two were having far too much fun! The second round had just started, but never finished. All fighting promptly ceased when Sohnyuoth appeared, hovering just a few feet from the edge of the overlook and rumbling her disapproval. The green might not have liked their game, but she thought Abigail had brilliant character. It led to the offering of a white knot, and after a brief moment of disbelief, Abigail accepted!