There is that ancient saying: bad things come in threes and Fort Weyr is certainly on the receiving end of that. Triple fold, according to some. Not only are there rumours that the issue with the corrupted trades have roots set as far south as Drake's Lake (and no, for once it's NOT Jajen's doing — not entirely!), but things are going steadily downhill in Fort's territory too.

There's the news from Weavercraft of the scandal involving political manipulation. Is it tied to the shortages elsewhere too? Or is this something new entirely?

And then there's the unusually warm spring that led to an early snow melt. An advantage to some in the higher northern lands but for those in the lower lands, well — they got flooded. Word from Healer Hall mentions sickness spreading through some of the more remote cotholds closer to the High Reachian border, including Stonehaven Cothold and they were not aided by an unseasonal heat wave so rarely seen even in those parts.

And now there's word that Fort Sea Hold is seeing an outbreak in some disease in animals and so all trades in meat and fish from the prosperous harbor Hold have been held back, putting further strain on already weakened stores and available goods for trade.

What else could possibly happen…? Well, there could be a gold flight! A leadership flight, to be more exact. It's not difficult to miss that Kayeth's hide is steadily glowing brighter and Nyalle is becoming, well, far more outgoing. Most are viewing the upcoming flight with relief. Just what the Weyr needs, some good news and a boost in morale! Because nothing could possibly go wrong, right?