Everyone knows Beastcrafters are awesome, so it stands to reason that Fort would want to snare at least one for their Candidate class, though this Search was a bit odd to begin with. Down at the Beastcraft Hall in Keroon, newly Fortian-ized Kimmila and Weyrleader Th'ero were taking their runners out for a ride when they bumped into Edani, also enjoying a nice ride in the Keroon weather. When Kimmila's mare took a stumble, Edani was there and ready to help, stitching her up and assuring Kimm that the mare would heal in time. When it was all said and done, Kimmila offered him a Candidate knot, saying that Varmiroth (who watched everything from afar) was very impressed with his skill in handling both animals and people. The newly knotted Journeyman accepted, and is the newest Candidate to report to the Headwoman and join the ranks!