It was like any ordinary day, with the Weyr bustling with activity and everything going about as it should. The eggs, hardening away on the sands and still 'new' enough to attract throngs of casual observers, by mid-day remained unchanged. Two Fortian residences, with a third who was (technically) about his duties as a guard in the galleries were spending a few moments to peer down at the sands. Just as the discussion turned from eggs to the differences between species of fowl, the Weyrleader made his appearance and added a fourth to the group. It was only when Velokraeth's not-so subtle staring prompted his rider to pull two knots from his pocket; one knot for the guard known as Khyonai and the other for Gemstone's own barmaid Inyri. There was an awkward note, when Ezra was left without, though it's said the young boy from Stonehaven handled it incredibly well before fleeing. Th'ero did not linger long either once both knots were accepted, staying long enough only to congratulate both before escaping and leaving them to sort out their affairs.