In the early hours of morning, the skies still darkened and with the moons up and full, Fort Weyr was roused from a deep slumber when Zuvaleyuth took to the sands with Velokraeth hot on her heels. The Weyrwoman was already on the sands, Dtirae having settled herself there days before in her own personally made and makeshift quarters and the Weyrleader was soon joining her. Everything progressed smoothly, the only minor hiccup being one egg clutched near the end that caused some concern but was later cleared as healthy by the posted dragonhealers. In the end, ten new eggs graced the sands and are now being carefully guarded by gold and bronze alike. Rumors have it too that Dtirae has had guards posted by the hatching grounds entrance, with some not finding it so unusual given the past and recent events occuring within Fort Weyr and it's beholden regions. But there hardly seemed to be any of the usual underlying tension as folks gathered for a pre-dawn celebration. Now it's only a matter of time as the Searchriders go out and the Weyr settles into the age old routine and traditions.