Spring is making its gradual arrival to Fort Weyr, though winter continues to stubbornly cling by dumping a few unexpected snow flurries over the region and leaving many grumbling that it won't do the early plants and growth much good. Since the Hatching, the Weyrlings have been progressing well and with only the occasional hiccup. All seems quiet within both the Weyr and the Holds and most weyrfolk go about their daily routines with no nasty surprises. It's a relief to many how calm things have been, though it sets others a little on edge. So much peace can only mean one thing right? Such gossip is scoffed at usually. What possibly could go wrong?

Now with the Weyrlings cleared for unmanned flight, there are a few quietly spoken whispers among the Wingriders and some of the weyrfolk. Seems the talk goes along the lines of the Roc Wing and rumors that the Wingleader Gr'ant, rider of bronze Nagmiath, is considering stepping down from his position. There are mixed feelings on this and much muttering among the Roc Wingriders as to the possible truth behind it or if it's just hearsay.