It was the perfect afternoon and the Weyrlings gathered at the lake shore for their usual drills only to be cleared by the Weyrlingmaster for their young dragons to start the first steps towards unmanned flight. Just as M'icha led the first pair through take off and landings, there was a sudden feeling of alarm. Enough that three of the Fortian Queens were roused and called to intervene. It lasted only a span of minutes, but word has it that as the other Weyrling dragons continued through their first taste of flight, As'tre and bronze Zeltenith were seen being escorted back to the Weyrling barracks where they remained, dismissed from the rest of their normal exercises. Rumor filtered in later that night that the weyrling had lost control of his bronze and Zeltenith had attempted to keep flying despite his lack of experience. Aycheth called Kouzevelth, Zuvaleyuth and Wiyaneth to "knock" sense into the bronze and some say that M'icha was downright furious with As'tre … for good reason! It doesn't seem as though the Weyrling is grounded though, but punishment was most likely handed down in some way!