Spring Brings.... Subtle Paranoia?

As spring finally arrives (though with the intermittent snowfalls some are left to differ), the Weyr has settled into its usual routines of preparing for the warmer months. The ever present undercurrent of tension seems to have ebbed a little and the gossip mills report nothing new save the same old tired bits and pieces. It has been sometime since news has arrived both to Fort and Xanadu and though Thunderbird continues to rotate its riders and a few guards out to the other Weyr and the surrounding Fort region, there seems little in the way of reports. Has he eluded them again? That seems to be the new whisper and talk, carefully done however less any of the Weyrleadership or staff overhear. And there is also the continued absence of a certain dark brown and his rider, though many figure they remain in Xanadu after the scare with the sands malfunction that threatened Yumeth's clutch, sired by Maehwazeyeth. Would make logical sense that she would be there, yet some mutter it doesn't quite fit…

With time having passed as normal, Zuvaleyuth has grown notably gravid and many are turning to taking bets or harmless guesses as to when she'll take to the sands to clutch. Velokraeth as well seems to be lurking around the gold more often than not, when he's not out and away with his rider. The expected wait of the clutch has the Weyr settling into a lighter atmosphere, as most folks eagerly latch onto some good news as many know it may not last forever… Some are noticing the guards who just "happen" to be lingering about the hatching ground entrances, or that Dtirae seems to be scouting the sands and conferring with a few over some plans that some say are building schematics for a small living space. Surely the paranoia over the last few months hasn't got to the Senior Weyrwoman, has it?

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