While repair has been on and off in-progress since the collapse began, most of it has been put on hold due to the instability of the area. For the past few weeks minecrafters have been in and out and have come to the eventual conclusion that a large portion of the Weyr's inner caverns are unsafe.

This means that not just the wing corridor is off limits (which removes all the wing lounges, as well as the Headwoman's and Steward's main offices, from access) but the Weyrleaders have recently announced that the lower structures have been at least temporarily condemned as well.

Yes, that's right: Shenanigan's is closed as of now, with no notice as to when it will reopen.

And the bigger problem: so are the kitchens. So are the living caverns. So are the spaces where most non-riding residents are living. Many of the Weyr's non-essential personnel are being relocated to area holds, and those who must stay and can't access their own quarters are being kept in temporary facilities (read: camps) or empty weyrs when available.

Where is everyone going to sleep? When do they get their comfortable spaces left? How is food being prepared? Does everyone have to spend all their time at the Gemstone Tavern now, where at least they have a couple of (expensive) rooms to sleep in and a steadier supply of made to order (expensive) fresh food.