The weather in Fort Weyr and its immediate environs has been somewhat strange recently, what with the coming spring not bringing the warmth it should have when it should have. This has resulted in strange melting and cracking patterns, and to make a long story short, cave-ins happen. In this case, a large rock shift has resulted in significant damage to the Weyr's structure.

Wing lounges in the upper reaches of the Weyr have been completely demolished, and the useful stone bridge nearby connecting some of the other higher up parts of the Weyr? Gone. There may also be some stray stones found in the council chambers and Weyrleaders' offices, though no other apparent damage has been done to them (other than perhaps a little dust on some hides).

Minecrafters are being brought in to measure up the extent of the damage done and begin repairs, but in the meantime, parts of the Weyr are no longer attached and … the wings will have to find other places to meet for social activities and drill planning for the time being.

In other news, Fort's Weyrhealer was absent during the collapse, and this time no one can blame Mirinda for any connection to it, either: she was given a ride to Southern Boll Hold, whose leadership requested one of the area Masters. Evidently they didn't think their own journeymen good enough to examine the Lord Holder. Word is Mirinda has diagnosed Lord Corlis, now in his seventies, with a serious case of pneumonia and will not be returning from Boll for some time. Journeyman Therist has been appointed temporary Weyrhealer in her absence.