It's official. Confirmation from Beastcraft and Harper Hall say that Fort Hold and Peyton Hold are dealing with a bovine illness that appears to be respiratory in nature and hits fast and spreads easily.

Fort Weyr has done its best to keep its borders locked and dragons and riders free of contamination, even going so far as to hunt in the wilds of the southern continent. Only now there is rumor that a beast in the herds fell ill. Then another and a third to follow. The fear is obvious - will this be the start of something far more serious?

At the same time, the Infirmary has been reporting a rise in chest coughs and other symptoms, usually unconcerning in late spring only these are eerily like those of the beasts falling ill.

Is it possible the illness has jumped to humans? Or is it all rumor mongering by folks feeding on the uncertainty and fuelling the building anxieties and paranoia?

So far, there is no word from Healer Hall or Harper Hall on the matter. Some, however, are looking to the summer months with hopes that the weather will turn warm enough to soak up all the water and mud left by an unusually wet spring. Maybe that will fix things?