It was early on one drizzly morning when a few folk on the early shifts of duty mention seeing K'drozen heading for the Weyrleader's office well before most drills or wing duties were set to start. What conspired within must have been done calmly enough as neither brownrider or bronzerider were heard and no one fled this time. Velokraeth did not even so much as twitch his tail from where he lounged asleep on the ledge. So what was said?

It's easy enough to assume, without a formal notice, the moment one spies the brownrider: his Wingrider knot is back. More whispers and gossip spread as the day goes on that K'drozen was spotted among Thunderbird's ranks again and Rhyrith spotted with the patrols set to sweep Fort's regions. Does that mean he's a full rider again for good? Or is this simply a test run? Th'ero seems in a fairly agreeable mood, so whatever transpired during the meeting must have gone well enough to keep the Weyrleader's temper level. As for his whereabouts, the Weyrleader spent most of the day holed up in his offices, before he and Velokraeth took flight again and disappeared Between, likely gone on some political duty or another.

With the issue settled now with K'drozen's punishment, some folk have simply let the matter drop and moved on to juicier topics. But some still mutter over what possibly the brownrider could have done to warrant such a severe and long drawn out punishment. Some say it all started with orders given to Jaye, Maehwazeyeth's rider who hasn't been seen since her brown caught Xanadu's gold Yumeth. Which is to be expected, but some are suspicious now that she has not even ventured back to Fort to visit. But none of the Thunderbird Wingriders or even it's Wingleader and Second seem concerned, nor Fort's Leadership and so it remains simply more fodder for the gossip mills.