S'ai and Zeruth, shortly after the bronze figured out the bare basics of flying solo, decided (in the fashion of all young morons) that they could figure out the rest on their own one night. Nope. A hard turn into the Weyr wall and then the ground at speed left the two a pretty resounding mess. S'ai had a concussion, a broken nose, and arm. His bronze likewise shared in the broken arm and a torn wing along with enough bruises and scrapes to keep the healers occupied for quite awhile. They spent quite a long time in recovery but thankfully seem to have weathered it without any lasting damage minus some scars and probably mental trauma from M'icha's truly impressive scolding. The old women of the caverns were cackling about it for weeks. With their injuries healed, the pair have been on overtime catching up to their classmates - though it seems unlikely they'll graduate on time. Serves them right.