It's no secret that goldrider Elara and Weyrsecond M'lo are on friendly terms and have an excellent working relationship. So when the two of them mounted their dragons and flew off, many in the Weyr guessed it to be weyr business of some kind. Less than an hour later they came back, with a third dragon and his rider in tow - K'drozen on Rhyrith.

Though no one was close enough to hear, it was clear to any onlookers that a heated discussion was being had, and soon Elara left to cool off. That left M'lo to deal with the recalcitrant K'drozen, and the two brownriders went head-to-head. Eventually, K'drozen threw his knives down at M'lo's feet - all but one, a whittling knife which he showed in plain sight, and then refused to hand over. Guards were called in, he was disarmed, and shown to the jail cell, there to wait until the Weyrleader lets him out.

Now it's common knowledge that K'drozen and Rhyrith are grounded, K'drozen has been demoted to Weyrling, and he is not to be allowed access to weapons of any kind - not even a knife for meals! Further, once he's released, upon Elara's orders he's not to leave Fort Weyr, and anyone seeing him attempt to do so is to notify authorities immediately.