Since the news came of the Weyrleader's injury and resultant stay over in Xanadu while recovering, little else has happened to really stir much interest. Oh, there's the rumors that Dtirae gave him a right good flaying for his stupidity but beyond that things have been "quiet", though the Weyr remains busy with everyday tasks and the additional ones concerning the on going issues and, of course, the preparations for the Turnover celebrations coming up fast. Many are already silently hoping that the next Turn will prove to be a little less grim then previous ones. One can hope, right?

Well, for one rider the new Turn may already be off to a rocky start. Rumor drifts up from Xanadu that on one calm, quiet morning the guest weyr that has been allotted to Th'ero (and consequently, Kimmila of Western Weyr) went from peaceful to outright chaos and then unsettlingly quiet all in the span of minutes. Some folk whisper that a skeletal looking brown had arrived, his rider wearing a Fort knot and that much was glimpsed as he stormed in. Next there was the sound of raised voices, some claim that threats were made and suddenly the mysterious brownrider was seen leaving, furious and with a much riled Velokraeth hot on the brown's trail, though the pale bronze never took flight after him. There wasn't any sight of Th'ero however, though a blue was said to have appeared mere seconds after the vanished brownrider pair, the rider none other then the Weyrleader's weyrmate. All appeared quiet then and some even noted that the Weyrleader was out and about later and seemingly in good spirits, as though nothing unusual had occured.

Back at Fort though, some or many will notice that a certain brownrider is without his Wingrider knot and may be sporting either none at all or… even more embarrassingly, a Weyrling knot. Whispers have it too that the brown is grounded, kept under watchful eye of Wiyaneth. Surely that can't be though. And what does one /do/ or say to incur such a heavy-handed punishment from the Weyrleader?