The dawn heralded a day with clear skies and frigid temperatures, with the Weyr and surrounding region caught in a cold snap. Not so enjoyable for anyone not dressed for the weather but perfect conditions for the festival. The Winter Festival is indeed officially open and word was spread during breakfast that all those wishing to attend could venture up to the glacier lake. It's a fair bit to travel, but the roads are clear and several Wingriders are on duty for straight flights to and from the location.

From the gossip already spreading too, the grounds up there by the glacier lake and the huge multi-roomed and multi-purpose cottage have undergone a transformation! There's rumors of ice sculptures and snow sculptures — some as vast and complex as mazes dug through the snow and one that even looks like a forest carved into a bank. That's not even beginning to describe the venue stalls, the food, the two dance floors and a lantern tunnel … does it ever end?

Many are already venturing out, though the Weyr itself is also a hub of festivities for those who cannot make the distance or travel. So when one tires of the cold, they can return home to sanctuary or simply resume the festive spirit in the caverns and the taverns as well. It's a festival for all to attend and enjoy, even the Candidates when they're not caught up on duty and knowing Fort's history with festivals … it'll span for days!