Oh yes indeed, many may have heard the rumours of a particular scarred brownrider who was able to read some sort of mysterious message that no one else could figure out. Rumours about Jaye have ranged anywhere from her still working for the renegades to just being overworked by the Weyrleader. The fact is, however, that the typically stubborn and seemingly rebellious Jaye has also been missing from Fort as late as well as her weyrmate and both the shadowbeast Maehwazeyeth and the skeletal Rhyrith have been seen haunting Xanadu Weyr more and more. Could Jaye and K'drozen indeed be those rogue riders that people are whispering about? Scheming to take over parts of Xanadu's territory by having Maehwazeyeth catch their gold Yumeth? Or are the pair just working hard at the campsite where the renegade search continues. Whatever the reason, Jaye, K'drozen, Maehwazeyeth and Rhyrith have been amongst the missing riders and their daughter Kaylen has been seen more and more in the presence of the family's nanny.