It's not unusual for the Weyrleader to be absent most of the day. If he's not out with the Wingleaders or doing his usual rounds about the Weyr and the Holds, then he's caught up in some meeting or holed up somewhere else. He became scarcer when news broke out about Xanadu and it was no surprise that word came back that he was often there as well, in the presence of Xanadu Weyrleadership. Word has it that he's been as far as Western over the past months, and onwards to Ierne Weyrhold and the Southern regions and the northern most regions around High Reaches and Benden. But that is to be expected, given his rank.

What becomes unusual is when the Weyrleader remains gone, the ledge where Velokraeth usually lounges empty and no one able to recall the last time they saw the pale bronze or his rider in the Weyr. That brings a few whispered rumors, but it's the message that comes on a brown firelizard to truly set off the gossip. It's said Dtirae was in quite the temper when the message reached her, the Weyrwoman not bothering to hide her rather… colorful shoutings over the stupidity and recklessness of a certain bronzerider before she and Zuvaleyuth took off for Xanadu.

They returned later, with Dtirae still in a mood and while most have come to disapprove of the newest goldrider from the last clutch, some felt a teeny bit of pity for the often rebellious and unmanageable Jajenelja when the Weyrwoman dumped even more extra chores on the girl. Which really is like adding fuel to the fire so to speak and now Fort's remaining staff have two very irate goldriders to deal with, along with a missing Weyrleader as the workload shifts to the Weyrsecond and the other goldriders to deal with the gap and extra work load for the next sevenday. The details as to what is keeping Th'ero from returning to Fort are, as always, hard to come by. All that is known is that he's in Xanadu but unable to return but the why and how remain unsaid and no one is brave enough (yet) to dare press the issue with Dtirae or… Faranth forbid, Jajenelja. Maybe one would be luckier to lure it from another of the Weyr's staff but most weyrfolk seem keen on simply adding to the gossip.