It was late morning at Fort Weyr when the rainstorm eagerly anticipated by all of Fort's folk hit: that first one after gold Kouzevelth started glowing, heralding her finally rising and erasing some of the tension from the air and bringing eggs. THe Fortian's first flight in four turns was unchanged from any of her others — long but not overly, somewhat chaotic and definitely dangerous thanks to the weather. Did we mention it was sub-zero temperatures at Fort and so that rain was freezing? Thankfully none of the losing participants were too damaged, and the winning dragon managed to escape with just a couple of contusions.

It wasn't a Fortian native but one of those foreign bronzes who took the metaphorical crown this time, with Half Moon Bay's young bronze Elenth catching. Feyruth's last is proving to be a formidable clutch, what with Elenth's clutchmate Xermiltoth having just had his first clutch hatch recently. (No pressure for the other two!)