As days roll into weeks and the weeks into months, very little new information has drifted into Fort Weyr concerning the ongoing searches in the Xanadu region. The mountain outpost remains; manned by guards and riders from both Weyrs with regular patrols and sweeps being sent out at all hours of the day. Yet despite the coverage, it seems as though the elusive group has vanished again and rumors have begun to spread. Perhaps they've fled the territory to another? If so where? Perhaps they have more help then just this fabled Laris himself. There were ranking knots and badges found, after all and a few folk have begun to even dare whisper that perhaps there are even a few rogue riders involved. Those rumors earn the scornful scoff of many, but the seeds of uncertainty are planted. With so much unknown and so little truth, it won't be long before folk start to cling to what seems the most plausible of answers, no matter how far-fetched it may be.

Word has it too that Xanadu has become plagued by it's own issues, the largest being the hatching sands going cold as Yumeth grows ever heavier with the eggs sired by Fort's brown Maehwazeyeth. Techcrafters have been sent in to help, the few that Fort can spare, but it's truly a race of time. Coincidence? Bad luck? Who knows the cause of the technology to fail, but it's brought some distraction from the otherwise grimness of the hunt for fugitives. And while Fort seems to have evaded any bad luck in that department, the Weyr is still a hub of activity, with it's riders and guards still rotating in and out, as well as a few Crafters coming and going. Visitors are still arriving from the Fortian region, despite the onset of winter and the Gemstone Tavern, along with Shenanigan's have literally become hubs for their gatherings among the weyrfolk and while it helps bring a lively atmosphere most nights, there is that undercurrent of tension and unease beneath as some bend there heads to share their gossip and tales, mixing fiction with fact.