Has it been that long since Fort's Rhenesath rose and clutched? (Has it ever been that long? Rhenesath does tend to rise more often than the others …) Apparently, it's been long enough; long enough that Fort's oldest mating queen, Kouzevelth, has decided it's high time she took to the skies again. Her hide is luminescent, her lifemate is cleaning house compulsively, and she's taken to sitting on the Star Stones and simply hovering. Of course, no one knows exactly when it is she'll rise, as the length of Kouzevelth's proddy periods is always notably dependent on the weather.

But as soon as the rains come, Fort can be confident that they'll have yet another flight, and yet another small collection of eggs.

OOC: It's off-camera gold flight time! Anyone who would like their bronze or brown dragon up for a win, please @mail Inri with a wooing/catching pose starring your dragon (and maybe another with your rider, it's up to you! I'll be keeping them all in a page on Fort's wiki) by THURSDAY, JULY 21st. As far as setting goes, it is midafternoon and storming over the northern bowl of Fort Weyr. At least one or two clutch-related RP scenes from the winner would be greatly appreciated. I'll be choosing by RNG, so it's anyone's game. If you'd like to participate but NOT win, or be counted as present, just let me know. No pose is required, though one is welcome~