Just as the first snows begin to fall over Fort Weyr, news begins to trickle in. There has been gossip for months and now apparently some truths to go with it… which only serves to open up a lot more mystery.

Whisperings about the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond visiting Fort Hold and the “kidnapping” of their Steward proved to be a truth… of sorts. They had reasons! Kimmila was involved as well and was seen leaving with both bronzeriders for the cotholds surrounding the Weyr. The purpose? Cotholders are finally reporting in to Fort Hold that something isn’t right with their usual stores and goods and they’re facing a bleak winter this Turn.

… and it’s apparently now the weyr’s problem to sort out (or so Fort Hold’s Steward put it). Weyrwoman Nyalle and Weyrleader Th’ero paid a brief visit to Fort Hold’s Lord to discuss just how much involvement the weyr was willing to give and all but given a green light to investigate.

… and to help of course. Which means what riders can be spared are being sent to the cotholds to help. Haast’s transport riders are out in force to try and find any spare store goods and other supplies that won’t put a drain on other Holds or the Weyr itself. Even Drake’s Lake has been reported sending some tithes — though surprise surprise few want to cross direct paths with Jajen.

Now all that remains is to solve who is behind this… and the whispered word is that the corruption is not entirely rooted in the Holds but in the Traders. Surely that can’t be true… Can it?