Word was slow to spread over the days, most of it brought in by the few Wingriders rotating back from Xanadu. It wasn't until much of this rumored search was done that the news was made official by Fort Leadership. Whispers in the Caverns say that the far-reaching joint sweeps with Fort riders that the Weyr did in Xanadu's remotest parts were both successful and futile. Taking some of Xanadu's younger set - several teens went along as fresh eyes and out-of-the-box perspective, may have been a foolhardy decision on the Weyrleadership's part according to Fort Weyrleader Th'ero, who questioned the decision about putting them in harm's way. However, it was one of those teens - Soriana - who found a vital clue to Laris' disappearance. Whether the uniquely-constructed glove would have been found if she hadn't been there is debatable, but there is on-going speculation as to whether it was actually left there by the wanted renegade or planted to lead the search for him awry. Camping in the foothills to the Southern Barrier Range while the wings swept the area, combing an old renegade stronghold in the towering rockface above the area netted a further disturbing find: a tin box containing shoulder knots and wing badges from several Weyrs, crafts and holds across Pern. Tension in the Weyrleadership is palpable as they now must scramble to do damage control and warn the rest of Pern about the still at-large fugitive and his band possibly infiltrating key areas.

As for the mountain stronghold, inaccessible to dragons, the question arose why it was left intact and available to renegade bands for the past 14 turns. The immediate plan is to maintain it as a Weyr-hold base of operations while the hunt for Laris continues in the rough tumble of mountains as well as serving to guard Xanadu's remote borders. Presently volunteers, riders and non-riders alike are being sought to man the post. Those with combat training, wilderness experience, woodsmen, trackers, herders, a few cooks and healers are among the ones being tapped for this special assignment that is a joint effort between Fort and Xanadu.