The first heavy snowfall of the winter months had left the Weyr blanketed in snow and once the morning dawned, workers and volunteers were gathered to help clear out the bowls. Among those who were sent to the southern bowl were a not-so enthusiastic Zaala, where she soon crossed paths with the Weyrleader and Kimmila. What ensued was a rather awkward and at times tensed conversation, that became all the more odd and unusual when Th'ero's priceless dagger was discovered to be missing and promptly Zaala was hooked into helping find it. Now with both Zaala and Kimmila upset and annoyed for different reasons, the hunt began only to be brought to an abrupt halt when Velokraeth intervened. Not only was it discovered then that the pale bronze knew where the dagger was safe back in his rider's weyr but… he also deemed Zaala fit for Search! Th'ero offered her the white knot then and there (and didn't throw it!) and after a moment of emotional hesitation she accepted before heading off to join the rest of her fellow Candidates in the barracks.